MarketingSherpa 30-Minute Marketer for Value Proposition

10 tactics for testing and crafting messaging that brings your value proposition to life

Welcome to 30-Minute Marketer — a resource from MarketingSherpa featuring bite-sized tips for busy marketers. In this report, we focus on value proposition tactics that can lead to improved conversion rates.

In this report, we show you how to craft an effective value proposition. This is the most important — and possibly most challenging — thing a marketer will ever need to create, because it serves as the foundation for all of your other messaging. It must be short and succinct, yet at the same time must sum up the most important things customers need to know about your company or product.

In this report, we'll show you:

  • The question a value proposition must answer
  • Why your value proposition must be unique
  • Ways social media can help with the process
  • How to refine and test your value proposition

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